How to play Quantum Leaf

There will be several game variation described in detail in the rules, but this will give you a flavor of some of them.

In one version, the goal will be to play pieces of your own color to complete certain patterns.

redring640In this example, the red player has completed a ring of 4 pieces, which would be worth one point to red. The yellow player has complete a spiral of 4 pieces (the 4 pieces in the very center, which meet in a spiral pattern), and this would be worth one point to yellow.

Another version is the “trap” version of the game, where players gain points by surrounding opponent’s pieces with their own.

In this example, an orange leaf is played at the top of the board, completing a circuit of 3 orange pieces around one red piece. This would score 1 point for the orange player. Notice that each of the 4 previously played orange pieces is, itself, surrounded by a circuit of red pieces, meaning that red has scored 4 points. Further, those 4 orange pieces themselves create a circuit around 2 red pieces in the center, adding another 2 points for orange. So, after the play of the 5th orange piece at the top, the score at the moment is Red Player 4, Orange Player 3. Play continues until both players have laid all their pieces.


Red leaves

Jumbo leaf Kickstarter reward

Here’s a sneak peak at another exclusive Kickstarter reward–jumbo leaves that are 2.5X the size of the standard game-sized leaves. See one below in comparison to a standard leaf and a penny.

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