How old do I have to be to enjoy Quantum Leaf?

In our testing, everybody age 5 and up has really enjoyed the game. Children tend to find it both challenging and rewarding to try to fit the pieces together, and adults of all ages enjoy it too.

Quantum Leaf reminds me of designs by M.C. Escher. Am I right?

Yes! We’ve been fans of Escher’s work for many years. Following his teachings of tessellations, we developed the fundamental leaf shape of Quantum Leaf from scratch, using one of the many space-filling symmetries that Escher demonstrated.

Why leaves?

The leaf is a shape that anyone of any age or from any culture can both identify and appreciate. We are always astonished by the beauty and symmetry of nature and felt it made the most sense to use a leaf for our game.

Do you have other games involving space-filling shapes?

We have many ideas but the time being are focused only on making Quantum Leaf the best we possibly can.

Who are the people behind the game?

We’re a diverse group including experts in psychology, bioengineering, and plastics manufacturing. We’re also parents and did lots of beta-testing with our own children to maximize the fun of Quantum Leaf.

Are the materials in your game BPA free?

Yes, we use only BPA free thermoplastic resins.

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